Lemon Pickle – 210gm

Ingredients: Lemon tit bit, Kashmiri Chilly Powder (2.4%), Split mustard seeds (2%), Haldi powder (0.5%), Soyabean oil (0.3%), Citric acid (0.2%), Sugar (0.2%), Methi whole (0.03%), Souff whole (0.02%), Jeera whole (0.01%), Red chilli powder (0.01%).


About this item

Lemon pickle, also known as nimbu ka achar in Hindi, is a tangy and spicy condiment made from lemons that have been pickled in a mixture of spices, salt, oil, and sometimes additional ingredients. It is a popular pickle in Indian cuisine and is enjoyed for its vibrant flavor and versatility.

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Lemon Pickle – 210gm
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