Homemade Mango Pickle

Nutritional Information Per 100 g (approx.)
Carbohydrate 29.00 g
Energy 199.00 kcal
Fat 5.00 g
Protein 1.10 g


About this item

  • HOMEMADE : Homemade, No preservatives and additives, sundried, handcrafted, traditional taste, farm freshfresh, made in India
  • BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Made in cold-pressed mustard oil , Pink salt, natural spices and mangoes.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: The pickle is sundried and naturally preserved and hence does not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS : Use a clean dry spoon and not a wet spoon as the pickles are natural, without any preservatives and additives. Please keep the lid tightly closed when not being used. If you live in a area that is humid would recommend to refrigerate after opening.
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Homemade Mango Pickle
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